Cremation Urn Vaults

Cremation Vaults (also known as Urn Vaults) provide an outer protective environment for an urn when the urn is to be buried within a cemetery.  Cremation vaults also provide the structural strength to protect the urn from ground pressures found within a cemetery and are frequently required to ensure cemetery appearance.  Beyond the environmental protection and protective strength, vaults come in a variety of styles allowing the vault to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Milan Vault is proud to offer Trigard’s® line of Cremation Urn Vaults. Trigard vaults feature attractive exteriors, secure seals and offer, depending on the model, polymer inner and outer liners, structural reinforcement, and metal wraps within the interior and on the vault cover.

Trigard ® Trilogy Silver Cremation Urn Vault.

The Trigard Trilogy cremation urn vault is a strong and durable concrete urn vault with a thermoformed polymer liner and high quality textured exterior finish.  It is available in available in a variety of colors including silver (as shown), copper, bronze, gold, black and pink.


Trigard ® Aegean Cremation Urn Vault



The Trigard Aegean cremation urn vault represents a leap forward in both protection and options. This concrete urn vault, completely encased in two layers of high impact polystyrene, is both strong and beautiful. In addition, the polymer exterior provides a refined finish not available in uncoated concrete vaults. The Aegean urn vault has intricate moldings and decorative corner columns which provide for a classic appearance.


Trigard ® Millennium Cremation Urn Vault White


The Trigard Millennium cremation urn vault is available in simulated white marble  finish.  It is a lightweight, presentation-oriented alternative to the heavier and more traditional vault structure. Formed of high impact polymer, this urn vault is large enough to accommodate most sizes and styles of urns.


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