Remembrance Urns

Milan Vault is proud to offer Trigard’s ® line of bronze Remembrance Urns.Trigard ® Rememberance Urn - Forgiveness of Sins by Rick Kelley in Color

Remembrance urns provide personalized tributes for those choosing cremation. These beautiful urns can be personalized with grouping of photographs recreated in dimensional bronze relief with an oxide finish or in color.  Remembrance urns will enhance any niche or fireplace mantle and are available in single or companion sizes.

Click on an image to view a particular Trigard Rembrance Urn in more detail. Please also feel free to contact Milan Vault if you have any questions or to place an order.

.Trigard ® Rememberance Urn - Forgiveness of Sins by Rick Kelleyflower 2Trigard ® Oxide Rememberance UrnLeafFlowerTrigard ® Companion Remembrance Urn

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