Permentry® Basement Systems

Bilco Permentry StairwellOutside basement entry systems help homeowners get the maximum benefit from their basement. They provide easy access for moving large furniture, electronics, game tables and bulky appliances. They also give repairmen access to your basement while reducing traffic and damage to floors and walls. In short, Bilco® PermEntry® systems do more than just give you easy access to your basement. They also help you protect the rest of your home.

Milan Vault is your local manufacturer, dealer and installer of PermEntry Basement Entrance Systems.

The Milan Vault PermEntry package includes a precast concrete stairwell and a Bilco basement door. PermEntry is the fast, affordable way to add the convenience of direct basement access to your home. It is ideal for new home construction, and Milan Vault will deliver and install your PermEntry system in just a few hours. PermEntry basement entrance systems can also be installed in existing homes provided the concrete foundation is cut to specifications.

With Milan Vault concrete basement stairwells you get:

  • Quality precast concrete in one solid unit
  • High-quality stairwells that stand up to the most rigid specifications
  • Thoroughly vibrated, maximum-density concrete
  • The convenience of installation on poured concrete and concrete block foundations
  • IRC 2009 building code compliance for emergency egress in finished basements
  • A performance-proven product

With Bilco basement doors you get:

  • Your choice of rugged, heavy gauge steel construction or no-maintenance polyethylene construction
  • Neat, trim appearance
  • Lift assistance for ease of operation
  • Slide bolt locking mechanism
  • Optional keyed lock kit
  • Flanged doors for weather resistance
Please review our PermEntry “Purchaser Requirements” document to learn more about the preparation needed to install this product.

To learn more about how PermEntry Basement Entrance Systems can provide the basement access you need, please contact us.

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