Concrete Bollards

Milan Parking Bollard

Milan Vault precast concrete parking bollards are perfect for protecting door openings, transformers, steel columns and more. The reinforced precast concrete bollard is encased within a high visibility UV resistant ABS covering that lasts.  Yellow is always in stock and ready for your installation. Red, blue, light gray and dark gray are also available as a build to order product with a 20 unit minimum.

These high strength, site installable concrete bollards are aesthetically pleasing while also being easily visible and eye catching. They guide traffic while designating and protect restricted areas.

Banks, gas stations, drive through restaurants, parks and residential complexes are just a few of the locations that utilize Milan Vault concrete bollards.    Milan Bollard

Save time and money with strong durable steel reinforced precast concrete - Milan Vault concrete bollards are in stock now and arrive on the job site ready to be placed.

Have an area you want to protect? Milan Vault is ready to help. Contact us today!

Click here for Milan Vault Precast Concrete Bollard Specification Sheet

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